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Experience wellness in action with the team at Select Health Chiropractic

As the leader in chiropractic care in the St.Charles area, the team at Select Health Chiropractic sees what true wellness transformation looks like every day. Our patients come through our doors with a variety of expectations and anxieties, but always leave with a plan of action to keep their bodies as healthy as possible. If you haven’t sought out chiropractic care before, or if you are experienced with seeing chiropractic professionals, our office is here to make you feel comfortable every step of the way.

Meeting you where you are at

Our chiropractic philosophy starts with a consultation to get to know you. Communication and relationship are an integral part of our practice, and getting to know your needs and history can help us serve you best. Whether you are seeking care for your child or for yourself, no matter what medical complications you may be experiencing, our team can develop a plan to support your health journey.

Working as a team

When you become a part of the Select Health Chiropractic family, our office is committed to your health and wellness for years to come. It is our belief that the most important part of being healthy for you and your family is allowing the body to achieve optimal function. How you feel may or may not correlate with how healthy your body is. We all experience sickness differently. Daily we are bombarded with toxins from our environment and food we consume. Furthermore, the amount of stress each of us endures is greater than ever before with all of our technological advances. This combination causes dysfunction in our bodies which eventually leads to disease. Chiropractic care removes interference in the body and allows your body to heal as it is intended to do naturally, without adding more toxic medications or stressful surgeries. We are also available to give you tools to stay healthy moving forward. Your body is a work in progress, and we aim to keep it as balanced and as functional as possible.

Next steps

Are you ready to work with a team of wellness professionals who are dedicated to your ongoing health? Make an appointment with Select Health Chiropractic so that we can begin the process of getting you on the proper track to being healthy. We want you to live the best quality life possible and give you back the control you deserve over your health. Let’s work together to make your entire family as healthy as possible.

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"After starting care at Select Health Chiropractic, I feel so much better. My work and relationships are better because of Dr. Stephanie. I love that she is so gentle and cares very much about her patients."

Christine B.

"Within a couple treatments, the pain diminished and I could climb up and down stairs like a normal person and other recreational activities are no longer negatively impacted."

Janice I.

"I feel great, minimal sinus infections now; pain in neck/shoulder area is just about gone now! They rock!"

Scott B.

Mission Statment

It is our  mission to lead our patients down the path of true health, through incredibly powerful chiropractic adjustments, nutritional support, removing toxic body burden, and lowering patient stress through self care.  We teach our patients how to achieve a level of health that provides quality, freedom, and vitality.  We believe in providing the highest quality natural care to our families, as you become a part of our family from the second you walk into our doors.

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