“In the beginning of this journey, I was unsure and honestly very skeptical of Chiropractors. My pain was a 10 and I was willing to try anything! I was introduced to Dr. B at a function an investor was hosting. Dr. B was so invested in me that night after seeing me in the pain I was in. So, I went and made an appointment. First, let me say that the entire office is so kind and helpful. Dr. B cares and listens to you and wants to make you better, which I can say she has. My pain is lowered with her help and the massage services. I am now on a lower dose of pain medication and able to live my life without my pain being at a 10 daily. The office environment is very peaceful and clean. Her products are great and reasonable in price. Everyone is so kind and like I said, they care about YOU! If you are in any kind of pain, I would say go give Dr. B a try. You will not regret it- it will be the best thing you ever did. TRUST ME. My pain was making me a changed person that nobody wanted to be around. The smile is now back on my face. Thank you to everyone at Select Health, especially Dr. B.”  Christine H.

“Dr. Stephanie is an amazing woman! She has everything it takes to make a great Dr. She truly cares about people!” Kim Z.

“Within a couple treatments, the pain diminished and I could climb up and down stairs like a normal person and other recreational activities are no longer negatively impacted.” Janice I.

“It was so nice to meet a doctor & staff that were genuinely supportive! I felt much more positive and my pain has lessened dramatically!” Stephanie L.

“I feel great, minimal sinus infections now; pain in neck/shoulder area is just about gone now! They rock!” Scott B.

“I have been seeing a chiropractor for about a year now. I originally went to ***** ***. They did a lot for me; however, their approach was rather ‘cookie cutter’ in that they seemed to use the same series of adjustments for everyone. Dr. Beelendorf’s approach is very custom. She develops a profile on you using x-rays, medical history, and even your diet. Then she uses the proper adjustments that help your specific needs. If necessary, she can use a very gentle approach. She also can make dietary suggestions based on a mineral test she offers. I originally began seeing a chiropractor for neck and back issues. I also have has an ongoing foot ailment called planters fasciitis. She started out by rubbing the lesions out of my planter’s tendon. This was very painful, but she has an analgesic spray to help kill the pain. The results have been great! She now adjusts my toes and ankles, along with my neck and back. Who says chiropractors are only for backs! I work in a family-owned carpet cleaning business, which can be very hard on my back. I trust that she will keep me as injury free as possible! Dr. Beelendorf comes from a family featuring many doctors. She originally went to school to be a physician. However, once she realized how the use of drugs is so prevalent in that profession, she chose to change to chiropractic medicine because of the holistic approach. I truly admire her in this decision. Thank you for everything!” Chuck S.

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