Chiropractic Services and Techniques

The Most Advanced Methods

At Select Health Chiropractic, our goal is your well-being. Chiropractic is not for the treatment of any disease, but rather for the enhancement of health resulting from the reduction of conditions that lower your resistance to disease.

Dr. Beelendorf uses the latest innovative techniques. Her approach is light, gentle and comfortable with outstanding results. She also utilizes nutritional counseling and coaching when applicable to address health of the entire body.

Select Health Chiropractic - Pediatric Care

Family Care

Chiropractic care for children is excellent for improved sleep, improved mood and attitude and improved immune system function. Over the past year, Dr. Beelendorf has diligently been working towards her DIPLOMATE in Pediatrics. Furthermore, she has been adjusting pediatric patients (newborns, infants, adolescents and teens.) for nearly a decade.

Select Health Chiropractic - Pregnancy - Prenatal


Chiropractic care has many satisfying benefits for pregnant women. Recent studies show that the use of NSAID pain relievers like Tylenol, once thought safe during pregnancy, increases the risk of behavioral disorders in your child as they grow up. Not only does chiropractic care naturally alleviate the pain that most women experience during pregnancy, but it also helps maintain a healthy posture as the body prepares for labor and delivery. Dr. Beelendorf is trained in specific techniques to get the baby into the proper position to achieve the best birthing experience for both mom and baby.

Select Health Chiropractic - Massage Therapy

Mommy Massages

There are multiple massage appointments available throughout the week. Our massage therapists have years of experience combined with many satisfied customers. The Massage room is complete with the lighting, smells and serenity required to allow your stress and worries to be left at the door.

Select Health Chiropractic - The Sanctuary

The Sanctuary

The relaxing sounds of the ocean and the secluded area allow your mind to drift away to peaceful remoteness. This area of Select Health is complete with complimentary full-body massage chairs. Our massage chairs tend to every area from your neck down to your feet. These dynamic chairs have a variety of settings so that you can optimize your tension relieving experience and are free to all Select Health members and patients!