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Dr. Stephanie Beelendorf

Dr. Beelendorf is a dedicated and experienced doctor, who enjoys helping local families learn how to be truly healthy in today’s world. She provides exceptional chiropractic care to pregnant women, children from birth up, and families.  Being under chiropractic care allows our patients to function at their very best, this is especially important in our high paced, stressful environments.  With her decade of experience combining chiropractic care, proper nutrition, detoxification programs and mindfulness, our families here at Select Health experience life changing results.  Dr. Beelendorf is completing post doctorate hours to obtain a Pediatric Diplomate. Her passion to serve families is driven by having 4 beautiful children of her own. She enjoys being a part of helping mothers make informed decisions about their children’s health. Unfortunately, there is so much conflicting information out there regarding topics such as allergies, vaccines, proper nutrition, breast feeding, pregnancy, and medical interventions. She has worked along side the best and brightest of her colleagues prior to opening her own pediatric and family chiropractic office in St. Charles, 6 years ago.  She is currently authoring a book with step by step guidelines to help busy moms navigate their family’s health.  Outside of her time helping other mommy’s she enjoys spending time with her family, playing guitar, strength training, yoga, meditation, and traveling. She serves her local community as a director for a non profit called Flying 4 Hope.  Dr. Beelendorf looks forward to the opportunity to make your family’s health five-star!

Select Health Chiropractic - Chelsea D.

Jasmine- Office Manager

Jasmine is our friendly face and manages our office here at Select Health Chiropractic.  She is a vital component of our committed focus on our patients.  She has previous experience working as a chiropractic assistant and absolutely loves learning about the benefits of chiropractic.  She is continuously amazed as she watches the miracles of chiropractic in our office and has experienced how truly powerful a chiropractic adjustment can be after her migraines disappeared following chiropractic care.  She has lived in Illinois the majority of her life, but has also spent time in California and Indiana.  She is grateful to have experienced the opportunity to travel the United States over the past years, but is happy to live now in our community with her family.  Jasmine has 2 beautiful daughters, Autumn Rose (3) and Isabella Rae (1) she enjoys spending time and nurturing them outside of her time here at Select Health.  She is also an avid animal lover and her third child is a handsome Blue Nose Pitbull named Gotti.  She also enjoys cooking and learning new recipes.  She is pleased to be under the care of Dr. Beelendorf and looks forward to healing all of our patients back to their fullest potential!

Select Health Chiropractic - Chelsea D.

Ellen Massage Therapist

I’ve been practicing massage for 8 years since completing the Massage Therapy program at Elgin Community College in 2009. During my time in practice I’ve worked with other chiropractors and a short time at a Massage Envy. I’ve been with Dr. B for 3 years now and greatly value the difference with the environment in her office and genuine care are focus on overall patient health that she brings!

For the past 6 years my biggest “hobby” has been strength training and conditioning. I’m currently studying to become a personal trainer as well. I enjoy learning about history, bioenergetics, biomechanics, and anything involving neurology!