Newborn parents, whether brand new or experienced, are working with a variety of challenges and emotions. While there is relief that the pregnancy ended with a healthy and beautiful baby, there are sleepless nights, anxiety, worry, and lots of questions. Add in physical recovery from birth and a mix of postpartum emotions, along with an overwhelming love for Baby, and it’s no wonder why newborn parents are living in a hazy fog.

For some parents, the situation becomes even more difficult when Baby is not easily consoled or soothed. If you have ever wondered about colic, here’s what you need to know.

What Is Colic?

The term colic is thrown out among circles of friends and family members when a new Baby seems fussier than usual. The first thing for all parents to recognize is that when it comes to newborns, nothing is “normal”. Each newborn has its own set of preferences, and their little personalities are showing through from the very beginning of life. If your child is fussier than your friend’s baby, it does not necessarily mean her child is normal and yours is not.

Colic is defined as incessant crying or fussiness that lasts for hours at a time. It is important to note that all babies will go through fussy phases. However, if your baby is inconsolable for hours at a time, there could be more to the story.

What Causes Colic?

This is the age-old question that parents and physicians have sought the answer to for years. Colic tends to arrive around 3 weeks of age and will usually end by 4 months of age. Colic has been attributed to digestion issues and overstimulation.

Can Chiropractic Help?

At Select Health Chiropractic, we have seen the potential for colic relief thanks to adjustments. Newborns and infants respond quite well to adjustment, and fussy babies who are adjusted can experience relaxation nearly immediately. Our adjustments are gentle – you won’t hear popping like when adults are adjusted. Instead, we gently hold your baby while adjusting them, giving them lots of extra loving and cuddles (we can’t resist!).

The newborn body is subject to force and trauma upon vaginal and cesarean birth. They are new to this world and their bodies are working hard to adjust. A bit of chiropractic attention could be just what your newborn – colic or not, fussy or not, high maintenance or not – needs to feel their best.

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