The importance of the spine continues to become more well understood in every laboratory, research center, doctor’s office, and hospital all over the world today. And no location reveals the significance of the spine-body connection like that of a chiropractic clinic. Unfortunately, most doctors remain unaware of the significant contribution the spine plays on overall health and well-being for all ages and genders. This study dates back to the 1920’s, but it helps prove the importance and necessity of chiropractic care. Many other studies over the last ten years or more continue to explain why this work of Dr Henry Winsor from 1921 was such an important piece to the spinal health puzzle. The findings were remarkable and as follows:

  • 50 human cadaver spines were assessed from the University of Pennsylvania
  • 139 total organs were found diseased within the 50 cadavers
  • A minor curvature was found belonging to the same sympathetic segments as the diseased organs 128 times
  • The author noted that the apparent 11 discrepancies of diseased organs with no abnormal curvature can be accounted for by nerve filaments leaving the spinal cord and traveling for a few segments up or down the spine
  • The author concludes that the relationship between abnormal curvature and visceral pathology was 139 out of 139 for a 100% accuracy
  • Types of documented diseases included: larynx cancer, degeneration of the thymus, pleural effusions, tuberculosis, pneumonia, pulmonary congestion, lung fibrosis, bronchitis, influenza, endocarditis, pericarditis, liver cirrhosis, enlarged spleen, pancreas degeneration, cystic kidneys, appendicitis, prostate hypertrophy, cystitis, osteomyelitis of the tibia, etc.
  • In general, the ordinary diseases of life were found
  • The organs in many instances were affected by acute disease
  • The deformed vertebrae proved that the curvatures preceded the organic diseases

The same doctor which set out to debunk the truth about chiropractic and its influence on organ function actually helped to validate it. The role and purpose of a chiropractic adjustment goes well beyond back and neck pain relief. And not because chiropractic is so great, but because the connection between the spine and the central nervous system is intimate and profound. Chiropractic adjustments help family members of all ages experience greater function and a higher quality of life without the use of drugs or surgery. And even up until today, this study serves an important role to help explain the necessity for all family members to receive regular spine and nervous system evaluations all throughout life to achieve greater health expression.

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