Being a new Mama comes with plenty of good moments, exhausting moments, and even some frustrating moments. While you can’t prepare for every situation while you are pregnant, you can start to research certain decisions you will make in the newborn phase of parenthood. For most new moms, breastfeeding feels like a confusing topic. To make matters more heated, it seems like everyone has an opinion about breastfeeding…and everyone wants to tell that opinion to a new mom. If you are considering breastfeeding, it is wise to know about potential challenges that could occur along the way. Here are a few common ones that can happen to even the most experienced mother.

Feeling Inadequate

When you are in charge of a brand new baby, it is easy to start second-guessing your decisions. Most new moms, and even more experienced mothers, can feel inadequate when it comes to breastfeeding. You can wonder if you are doing it right, if the baby is getting enough milk, if you should hold the baby in another position, if you should just switch to formula. It’s enough to make any exhausted parent want to throw in the towel.

Hold fast, Mama. Remember that nursing is new to you and it is new to Baby. You two will need some time to practice and figure it out together. Soon, you will be pros, but it takes weeks to get the hang of it and grow your confidence.

Feeling Worried

Breastfeeding is a bit of a complicated dance and new moms can feel worried about heading out on errands with Baby when you feel bound by a 2-hour feeding window. To get used to nursing out on the town, practice at home with any item that makes you feel more comfortable. You may also feel comfortable calling in advance to know if there is a quiet room available, especially if Baby is easily distracted.

Feeling Unsupported

Most new moms stop breastfeeding because they simply feel unsupported. Even the most involved partner doesn’t always realize what it is like to be Baby’s main source of comfort and nutrition. Be sure you talk to other moms who have nursed and make an appointment with a local Lactation Consultant. You can also make an appointment with us here at Select Health Chiropractic; we have a relationship with a wonderful Lactation Consultant and have plenty of resources available at the front desk. Most importantly, we know that happy and healthy moms make for the most relaxed breastfeeders, and we have a variety of interventions to keep you feeling your best.

Our team can assist with supporting your breastfeeding journey. In fact, your breastfeeding troubles could be caused by Baby having some nervous system challenges due to delivery. Did you know a normal, unassisted birth places about 60-80 pounds of axial traction on the back of Baby’s head and neck? This can make it more difficult for feedings after birth and throughout the newborn phase. We are happy to check out you and your baby to assure everything is functioning optimally.

We support you Mama! Let’s work together to make your first year of motherhood the best it can be.