Few areas of healthcare deserve safer and more effective approaches than pregnancy, labor, and delivery. Bringing babies into the world in the safest and least invasive methods should be the norm. Unfortunately, current statistics reveal the most developed and advanced countries in the world experience some of the worst outcomes. The United States ranks at the very bottom for maternal and infant health compared to every other developed and industrialized nation. Chiropractic can play a role. This research evaluated spinal manipulative care through an osteopathic journal. (It must be taken in consideration that Chiropractors did not perform the spinal adjustive care, begging the question about possibly achieving greater results with more skilled adjustors and precise care.)

  • The application of spinal adjustive care may improve and optimize physiologic function, which can alleviate somatic dysfunctions and improve quality of life for pregnant women.
  • During pregnancy, spinal manipulation to the lower lumbar vertebrae can affect the viscera.
  • Two different studies with 223 pregnant women in one and 100 pregnant women in another showed a decrease in the

    duration of labor for women who received spinal adjustive care compared with women who did not.

  • Women under care averaged 11 hours less labor time in one study and 5.5 hours less labor time in another study with

    their first pregnancy

  • In the same studies, women under care averaged over 5 hours less labor time in their second and subsequent

    pregnancies and 4 hours less labor time in another

  • In summary, this research paper cites studies showing that women receiving spinal adjustive care during pregnancy

    experienced decreased likelihood of having a preterm baby, decreased use of forceps during delivery, decreased probability of meconium-stained amniotic fluid, decreased fluid overload, decreased low back pain, decreased carpal tunnel syndrome, and decreased duration of labor.

  • These studies indicate that adjusting the lumbar spine, it is possible through viscero-somatic feedback to affect the pelvic viscera and possibly induce uterine contractions.

    Spinal adjustments improve mobility and alignment in the spine, enhancing whole body health and function through a more balanced and coordinated nervous system. No specific group of people deserve to understand and experience the benefits of chiropractic more than pregnant women. The changes that occur to the female body when pregnant are quite remarkable.

    And this research is quite revealing. Women that are planning to get pregnant and those that are already pregnant can greatly benefit from chiropractic care before, during, and after the pregnancy and birth. Mothers deserve better. The infants and future generations deserve better. Chiropractic can play a significant role in providing natural solutions that lower the risks for intervention and improve a female’s quality of life during pregnancy. Females of all ages can and deserve to experience the vast array of benefits achieved with better spine and nervous system health through regular chiropractic care.

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