If you keep up with wellness news, you likely have heard all about your body’s inflammatory response. However, you may be confused as to when inflammation is good, when it is bad, and what you can do to reduce inflammation enough to feel your best. At Select Health Chiropractic, we are all about giving you reliable information and realistic ways to make yourself as healthy as possible; here’s what you need to know about inflammation.

Is inflammation ever good?
As with most processes in your body, inflammation isn’t all good or all bad. It’s a bit of both. Inflammation your body’s natural response to acute injury. For example, that inflammation when you sprain your knee after a fall on your daily walk is good for you. It promotes faster healing and can get you back on the trail sooner than later.

When is inflammation bad?
Inflammation after an acute injury is good. However, chronic inflammation is awful for your body in the short and long term. Research has shown that chronic inflammation can lead to serious health conditions like depression, diabetes, and heart disease.

How can I decrease “bad” inflammation?
Fortunately, you can take active steps to decrease the chronic inflammation throughout your body. Changing your diet to incorporate more plants, whole grains, and healthy fats can substantially decrease chronic inflammation and decrease your risk of developing diseases like diabetes. If you find it difficult to take in enough vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to combat inflammation daily, you can fill in the gaps with a well thought out supplement plan.

What about adjustments?
When your nervous system is out of alignment, your entire body can suffer. Keep chronic inflammation at bay with regular adjustments from your friendly team at Select Health Chiropractic! We can get your systems functioning without added stress, and can even work with you to develop actionable items to keep inflammation from harming your overall health.

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