The kids are back to school, which means new routines, homework, and more shared germs from classmates. The fall months mark a major transitional time for most family homes, which means immune systems are not at their best. If you are hoping to escape some of the back to school germs or illnesses, here are a few tips for keeping your entire household healthy this fall.

Don’t Overwhelm Your Schedule
After summertime, a ‘normal’ school routine can already seem overwhelming for your kids and for you. Be wary of overscheduling too many play dates, extracurricular activities, or other events during the first few months of school. Running all around town can lead to poor meal habits and fatigue, which can lead to a lackluster immune system.

Instead, choose to participate in fewer events during the first month or two. Let your family get back into the swing of things more slowly and mindfully.

Eat Well
Back to school diets are often packed with convenience foods, which could mean more processed sugars or refined carbohydrates. Make a conscious effort to pack lunches and dinners full of nutrient dense foods that can fortify immune systems. Choose nuts, seeds, berries, leafy vegetables, and whole grains.

Drink Plenty of Water
It is likely that you are not getting enough water throughout your day, and neither are your children. Be sure you are packing a full water bottle for your kiddos to enjoy during the school year, steering clear of sugary sodas or other beverages. At home, make water readily available and make it the beverage of choice at snack time and at dinner.

Get Adjusted
Did you know that regular chiropractic adjustment can help increase the effectiveness of your body’s immune system? It’s true! At Select Health Chiropractic, we adjust and serve the entire family to give your household the best shot at a healthy school year.

Let our experienced team give you the care and advice you need to keep germs at bay this year. We would love to partner with you and your family to make this school year your best yet.