When you become pregnant, your body starts the hard work of growing a baby and preparing for labor. You notice physical and mental symptoms that change throughout your 40 weeks of pregnancy, some that bring discomfort. Your body was built to support your growing baby, but the more help you can receive, the better. Regular chiropractic care can help you through all phases of pregnancy, during your postpartum recovery, and beyond.

Adjustment During Pregnancy
Visiting your chiropractor on a regular basis can keep you feeling your best throughout your pregnancy. During the first trimester, adjustments can help alleviate feelings of nausea. Adjustments during the second trimester can keep your energy high, and chiropractic care during the final trimester can keep your muscles loose and aid in a healthy delivery.

During your time at the chiropractic office, don’t assume that you will only receive adjustments. Your chiropractor and support staff can also help out with massage and therapies that can decrease pain that you may feel thanks to shifting muscles and ligaments. Your chiropractic team can also advise you on nutritional support and even give you guidance on how to get more relaxing sleep during restless nights.

Your chiropractor can also be a valuable resource as your due date looms near. Proper alignment, assisted through adjustment, can aid in healthy labor. Further, your chiropractor can give you advice on labor questions you may have.

Adjustment After Baby
Once Baby arrives, your life changes quickly. New moms can struggle with postnatal recovery and hormonal changes. Your chiropractic team can assist with discomfort that can linger after delivery, and regular adjustment can assist with hormone stability. Even better, you can bring your newborn with you to your postnatal appointments. Babies often benefit from adjustments too, especially after the trauma of birth.

If you are pregnant, or hoping to become pregnant soon, make regular appointments with the team at Select Health Chiropractic. We have been adjusting Mommies-to-Be for years and are ready to help you have a healthy and enjoyable pregnancy.

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