May is home to Women’s Health Week, appropriately tucked into this month that celebrates Mother’s Day. As we all know, there are significant differences between the health of men and women. Thanks to hormones like estrogen and testosterone, men and women have different risks for different health conditions. However, women are often the sex that puts their own health care at the bottom of the family priority list.

Here at Select Health Chiropractic, we see our women staff members and patients struggling to find balance within their family, professional, and health obligations. Fortunately, chiropractic care suits women’s health well, giving multiple benefits during preventative and specialized care.

Pregnancy and Post-Partum
Hormones and body changes are serious business for women’s health, and pregnancy and post-partum periods can cause a litany of health concerns for women. Chiropractic care can not only help to regulate the body’s hormones, it can also prepare the body for birth or even help the body heal after delivery. We suggest our patients visit regularly during pregnancy, and throughout their year of post-partum care.

Unfortunately, getting pregnant is not always an easy task for women. Chiropractic care is an excellent addition to your fertility treatment plan. Regular adjustments can not only reduce your stress, it can also assist with hormone regulation and tension.

Bone health is a topic important for women of all ages, but especially for those over the age of 40. Regular chiropractic care can assist with osteoporosis prevention and treatment.

Do hot flashes have you uncomfortable, or are you noticing some body changes associated with this time in your life? Our team can give you chiropractic care that will keep you feeling your best during this transitional period.

Women can benefit from chiropractic care during all stages of their life, and at all ages. Give us a call to set up a time for your first appointment so that you can learn how our time together can help you be healthier. Let’s get started taking care of you!