Health awareness and a healthy lifestyle are among the fastest growing curiosities in our nation. But without clarity, transparency and action, living a truly healthy lifestyle can never be obtainable.

Allow me to explain. 

It is impossible in this social media-driven society to open anything up from Facebook to Instagram without seeing some sales tactic geared towards fixing one’s health problems overnight. Thanks to multibillion-dollar industries like Big Pharma, we have become Pavlovian in our conditioning and trained to believe that there is some fast and magical solution to our health problems.

But becoming the healthiest version of ourselves takes time, hard work and sometimes blood, sweat and tears. With information readily available 24/7, we want quick answers and quick fixes, but the amount of information out there can certainly make your head spin!   Compound that with conflicting opinions and there is a recipe for some serious confusion.

What are the best meal plan options?  What’s a Keto diet? In this digital age, what are the best health platforms?

Another important aspect to health is eating.  As the old saying goes, “you are what you eat!”

It’s always entertaining to see popular diet fads, over time, quickly become unpopular as new ones emerge. Change a few menu items, put a little spin on it, throw in an extra ingredient and a catchy title, and you’ve got a new fad.  However, this ever-growing problem is also the inspiration of my newest book, which will consolidate all the information and help people navigate their own health in today’s busy and oftentimes noisy world.

A healthy society begins with a healthy individual. And the number one thing to do today is to act. Your own health is no one’s responsibility but your own. Our health is the most important asset any of us own. Without it, we have nothing.

Dr. Stephanie Beelendorf is founder of Select Health Chiropractic, a provider of pediatric and family

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