April showers bring May flowers, and while the colorful blooms come as a relief from winter snow for many, all those May flowers make others sneeze. Springtime allergies affect thousands of people across Chicagoland and can cause a litany of uncomfortable side effects ranging from runny noses to itchy ears. If you, or anyone in your family, suffer from seasonal allergies, you may be surprised to hear that chiropractic care could provide a welcome respite from your usual over the counter medications.

Allergies and Chiropractic?
When many people think of chiropractic care, they think of pain relief from back or neck pain. However, chiropractic care offers so much more! When a chiropractor adjusts the spine and treats spinal subluxations, the body is able to more successfully regulate its own systems. When the nervous system is given the chance to operate as it should, patients are able to enjoy the benefits of an increased immune system and even a better functioning digestive system.

For those who are especially hypersensitive to common seasonal allergens, chiropractic adjustments can assist in decreasing inflammation and even assisting with drainage. Both of these benefits, along with a calmer nervous system that is functioning better than before an adjustment, can bring about allergy relief for patients of all ages.

How to Get Started
At Select Health Chiropractic, we focus on the ongoing wellness for the entire family. Dr. Beelendorf is a mom herself, and an expert is helping other mothers navigate the sometimes confusing waters of motherhood. She wants to help all patients discover the benefits of regular chiropractic adjustment, including children.

If you, or someone in your family, has seasonal allergies, give us a call to discover how chiropractic can help. You may be pleasantly surprised to hear how regular chiropractic care can give you relief, and can keep your whole family more healthy and feeling well. Let’s partner together to give your family the best chance for wellness.

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