If you are expecting a newborn, you are experiencing an exciting time in your life! However, among all the giddiness of anticipating your newest family member, you are also in the thick of major decision making. In between choosing cloth or disposable diapers, crib or co-sleeping, and nursery theme, you are also charged with making some serious decisions about Baby’s health.

As you take time to carefully select a pediatrician, it is also wise to consider calling Select Health Chiropractic to secure Baby as a new patient. It’s true! Our staff has a special love for adjusting newborns (and Mama too!), and the benefits of getting your newborn adjusted are important ones.

Delivery is traumatic
Right now, your Baby is happily floating along, warm and protected, inside you. While the process of delivery is certainly needed, it can be traumatic for Baby. Adjusting your newborn, even just days after delivery, can offer relief for any trauma that happened in the delivery room. Remember, trauma from delivery is not always visible; a good adjustment is the perfect way to set Baby up for a healthy life.

Adjustment helps immunity
Newborns are especially vulnerable to all sorts of germs. Regular adjustments for babies can increase immune system and give Mama and Daddy a bit of confidence when taking Baby outside the home.

Gassiness and sleeplessness
As you get to know Baby, you won’t know right away why he isn’t sleeping or why he seems uncomfortable. Adjustments can relieve discomfort from gassiness and even help with better rest or sleep patterns. We have seen it time and time again – Baby comes into our office screaming and uncomfortable, but leaves sleeping and peaceful.

Adjustments are gentle
Some parents are worried what a chiropractic adjustment could look like for a newborn. However, pediatric adjustments, especially those for babies, are done with care, compassion, and lots of snuggles from our doctor.

Give our office a call to talk more about newborn adjustments, as well as adjustments for the entire family. Our practice has a strong affinity for treating kids and creating healthy families through chiropractic care. Let’s work together to give Baby the best start!