November marks the beginning of the holiday season, and your schedule is likely fuller than usual. Between family gatherings and corporate holiday parties, cookie exchanges with your friends and school celebrations, you can start to get exhausted and overwhelmed long before you have put the turkey in the oven. It is no surprise that many adults, and children, begin getting sick during (and immediately after) the busy holiday season. Your body is simply worn down from the stress and activity of it all. Fortunately, you don’t have to feel stressed out this year; you can stay healthy and happy with a few of our wellness practices.

Drink water, eat healthy
Our first wellness practice for staying healthy during the holidays is to watch what goes into your body. Make a conscious effort to drink more water during these next few months in order to keep your body hydrated and healthy. When it comes to food, don’t shy completely away from the comforting foods of the season. Instead, try to opt for healthier choices when available. Increase your intake of whole grains and vegetables during these next few months as well.

Guard your time
It is easy to say “yes” to every holiday invitation that comes your way, but it is not always the best wellness decision for you or your family. Instead, limit your schedule and decline other invitations, offering to get together after the new year, when life has calmed down a bit. Spending a relaxing and cozy evening in with your family, and going to bed early, can do wonders for your immune system.

Get adjusted
A stressed out body and nervous system means a decreased immune system. Make an appointment with Select Health Chiropractic to get adjusted throughout the holiday season. We work with adults and children, and would love to guide you on your wellness journey. With chiropractic care, as well as massage and nutrition services, our team is ready to make this holiday one that will leave you feeling healthy and rejuvenated, not sick and exhausted.

This year, do the holidays different. Keep wellness at the forefront, and watch how your holiday season feels better. Your family will love it too!

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